What is ISO 50001 and how does it impact energy efficiency?

Econova ISO 50001 eficiencia energetica cempro progreso latam guatemala

The international standard ISO 50001 is a standard applicable to any type of organization and aims to maintain and improve energy management systems and enable efficiency, safety, energy use and consumption with a systematic approach. Econova, supports the Progreso business units to achieve these goals.

122 years of commitment and dedication

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Resilience is the ability of human beings to overcome adverse situations. To reinvent and reaffirm yourself in the face of crisis or unfortunate events. Progreso is one of those families that come together in difficult times and, through the stories of its people, builds motives to continue building this country that we love so much.

Publicación internacional resalta acciones del CEO de Progreso

Publicación internacional resalta acciones del CEO de Progreso Jose Raul

La publicación internacional Estrategia y Negocios, destacó las acciones que el CEO de Progreso, José Raúl González ha implementado para liderar el mercado de cemento a nivel regional. Según la publicación, “Progreso es líder de un negocio sólido y en expansión”.