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What is ISO 50001 and how does it impact energy efficiency?

Econova ISO 50001 eficiencia energetica cempro progreso latam guatemala
The international standard ISO 50001 is a standard applicable to any type of organization and aims to maintain and improve energy management systems and enable efficiency, safety, energy use and consumption with a systematic approach. Econova, supports the Progreso business units to achieve these goals.

Econova is an energy service company that helps Progreso achieve energy efficiency objectives and goals by proposing energy management aligned with other management systems already implemented, such as ISO 9001.

The company offers Progreso business units the implementation of energy and quality management systems, it gives the organization a systematic approach to achieve better energy performance, including energy use and consumption.

The implementation of the ISO 50001 management system helps reduce failures, increase efficiency and optimize the operation of electrical systems.

The implementation phases:

Power quality audit:
Energy audits consist of making a diagnosis of the current state of the company in relation to its energy consumption.

Measurement and monitoring of parameters in real time:
The monitoring service provides savings opportunities to comply with the cycle of continuous improvement of the energy management system.

Report for energy planning:
The energy efficiency report seeks to meet the customer’s needs and has the following objectives:

1) Assign energy indices for users, systems and processes.

2) Identify areas of opportunity.

3) Provide comprehensive and sustainable solutions.

4) Prepare an energy efficiency plan focused on optimizing investment, maximizing savings and guaranteeing the feasibility of implementation.

5) Minimize the economic impact on the client’s cash flow.

Econova, always at the forefront of technology and energy processes.

What is ISO 50001: Energy efficiency?

The international standard ISO 50001 specifies the requirements to “establish, maintain and improve an energy management system, with the purpose of allowing an organization to have a systematic approach and achieve continuous improvement in its energy performance, including efficiency, energy use and consumption”.

So far, the San Miguel Plant of Cementos Progreso is the company that has implemented the ISO 50001 standard and Econova is currently working with Sacos del Atlántico.

Econova is the energy ally that allows you to know the costs and the opportunities for improvement. It supports companies to manage their energy by applying the principles and ethical values of Progreso at all stages of the project.

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