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Progreso is recognized for Motagua River cleanup project

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The Corporate Sustainability Award is given by Amcham to recognize its partners’ positive impact on the country. Progreso has co-processed 1.73 million pounds of floating debris from the Motagua River, contributing to the rivers water quality.

The initiative’s impact has higher environmental benefits since the waste is subsequently used to replace fossil fuel use at the San Miguel plant, located in El Progreso, Guatemala, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This project has replaced 1.46 million pounds of petroleum coke.

The Motagua River cleanup is a multi-national challenge that directly impacts surrounding communities. It affects the ecosystem as well as people’s health, tourism, food security, livestock, and agriculture. Its reach goes beyond borders to neighboring countries such as Honduras. The positive impact of this project contributes to improving water quality of the Motagua River.

Another of the project’s objectives was to implement a digital training tool to educate on residue and solid waste management. A total of 139 scholarships were awarded for the solid waste simulator training.

With this project Progreso contributes to its Sustainability Strategy as an Environmental Leader, benefiting 243 thousand people in Guatemala and Honduras. Indirectly, all the people living near the Motagua River, approximately 7.64 million people building the country where we all want to live.

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