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ENA School revolutionizes Kaqchikel teaching in San Gabriel

ENA School in San Gabriel creates unprecedented educational materials that revolutionize the teaching of the Kaqchikel language in the municipality.

At ENA School, Enrique Novella Alvarado campus in San Gabriel, an unprecedented educational achievement has been accomplished. This will contribute to the preservation of our roots. It is an integral didactic model to study the Kaqchikel language. The model includes various materials and activities for students.

This is how the Kaqchikel project at ENA was born

This project was born from experience, as teacher Ana Suruy explains. She mentions, «The existing material is very scarce, which is why my colleagues were concerned. Additionally, some parents indicated that the Kaqchikel being taught was from another department (departments are how Guatemala is divided politico-geographically), so I realized that the solution was in my hands.»

The process of creating these materials began years ago when Ana Suruy studied at the Academy of Mayan Languages and obtained her diploma in Kaqchikel. Using the dictionary published by the same institution, she developed exercises, activities, and content in general. Later, it would become part of the work guides for ENA school students.

Thanks to the support of ENA School, nine textbooks have been produced for the entire school. Four of them have been endorsed by the Academy of Mayan Languages after undergoing rigorous spelling and grammar standards. And five more books are in the process of being certified by the entity.

Academic Innovation

It is important to mention that technology has played a very important role in content creation and dissemination. Students at ENA School in San Gabriel have been a fundamental part of content creation by sharing texts, photographs, and videos as active members of their community. Many audios have been recorded demonstrating the correct pronunciation of different expressions. These are accessible to both teachers and students.

«It is important to preserve the Kaqchikel language. It reminds us of our roots. We must help children preserve it and to feel proud to know, understand, and carry Kaqchikel with them. ,» concluded the teacher responsible for this valuable project, Ana Suruy.

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