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«La Pedrera» traditions were key to uniting the neighbors in Zone 6

The traditions of La Pedrera have become cultural and social elements that contribute to uniting the community. Zone 6 was the setting for activities that highlight the pride of belonging to one of the oldest communities in the city of Guatemala.

During 2023, alongside neighbors from Guatemala City’s Zone 6 and its surroundings, we experienced a year where we recovered many of our traditions. Since then, we reunited and experienced the history of our community together.

«Tradiciones de La Pedrera» is a Progreso initiative that promotes valuable processes with the community. It is supported by the Carlos F. Novella Foundation and the Carlos F. Novella Museum, and various business units of the company.

«The project aims to rescue traditions and start building new expressions that unite us with the artistic soul and history of the community,» said Betzy Revolorio, Social Management Coordinator of Progreso, who supported the strategic articulation of this initiative.

Community and Family… United

The journey through the Traditions of La Pedrera begins with the celebration of the Christ of Esquipulas at the La Pedrera Chapel, where more than a thousand devotees participated.

Additionally, Sunday masses were resumed at the Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel, a significant space for the residents.

We also shared in Our Lady of Lourdes’ celebration and traditional Lent-related activities. Lady of Lourdes is the patron saint of La Pedrera.

The celebration of Family Day and other activities jointly carried out with the residents of Zone 6 in Guatemala City and Chinautla, were how midyear traditions were celebrated.

Zone 6’s Cultural, Artistic, and Sports Festival 6 has been a tradition in which we have participated for years, alongside neighbors and local authorities.

In 2023, we took part in the «Circus in Your Community Festival,» an artistic experience that we shared with the neighbors which celebrates the pride of being part of this area with a cultural vocation.

Neighbors who have excelled in circus arts and body painting have promoted joy, magic, and friendship among all the residents.

We ended the year 2023 with «Celebrating Zone 6,» where we presented the concert «A Christmas Night» and the Christmas parade of floats.

It was a treasured moment when the «Posadita» tradition was revived.  The posada goes through La Pedrera and the La Franja neighborhood, ending with the Christmas Eve mass on December 24th.

Living in together through another year of traditions reminds us of all those elements that unite us as a community.

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