How to create learning experiences in hybrid models?

Cómo crear experiencias de aprendizaje en modelos híbridos progreso guatemala cenca latam fcfn

From the «Trainer of Trainers» Program, the Carlos F. Novella Foundation, organized the virtual forum «How to create learning experiences from the hybrid model in the different educational models», where three invited experts shared their experiences and proposals to improve hybrid education processes.

Sacos del Atlántico implements sanitary protocols

Sacos del Atlántico implementa protocolos sanitarios progreso latam guatemala

With the health of employees and contractors in mind, Sacos del Atlántico designed protocol to return to normal activities after COVID-19. The document provides technical, general and operational information about the measures that will be taken in the different targeted locations, to prevent the spread of the disease caused by COVID-19.

Uses and advantages of precast slabs

Usos y ventajas de las losas prefabricadas

Slabs are structural elements of a relatively small thickness, which are used to generally cover a floor or ceiling area. Today we will learn about the uses and advantages of these prefabricated structures.

«Transcend Jocotales» A new affordable Housing Option

Trasciende Jocotales Muvis Guatemala progreso latam

This new alternative for zone 6 and the municipality of Chinautla, will have premium amenities that adapt to the needs of all families, just five minutes from the Cementos Progreso stadium. The project will start at the end of 2021.

New Mixes Horcalsa Ready: We innovate the tradition

Nuevas Mezclas Listas Horcalsa Progreso Latam Guatemala

In construction, the name mortar is given to a mixture of one or two binders and sand. Kneaded with water, the mixture gives rise to a plastic or fluid paste that later sets and hardens as a result of the chemical processes that take place in it.

Electronova installs platform for real-time monitoring

Electronova instala plataforma de monitoreo de clientes en tiempo real cempro progreso latam guatemala

Monitoring is one of the most important activities in any business or industry and in the electricity sector it is no exception. Electronova knows this and therefore provides its customers with a digital platform to carry out this activity in real time.

What is ISO 50001 and how does it impact energy efficiency?

Econova ISO 50001 eficiencia energetica cempro progreso latam guatemala

The international standard ISO 50001 is a standard applicable to any type of organization and aims to maintain and improve energy management systems and enable efficiency, safety, energy use and consumption with a systematic approach. Econova, supports the Progreso business units to achieve these goals.