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Learn about the Inspiring Journey of Estela Pirir, an Exemplary Student at the Estuardo Novella Camacho Educational Center

Uncover the inspiring story of Estela Pirir, a 57-year-old woman who resumed her basic education at the Estuardo Novella Camacho Educational Center. Her courage and determination are an example of overcoming and pride, proving that it's never too late to pursue deferred dreams.

Her story is a living testimony of the power of determination and will. Her resolve helped her overcome obstacles and achieve goals, regardless of her age.

Estela Pirir decided to make a radical change in her life when she enrolled at CENCA in 2022.

After years of postponing her elementary education due to various life circumstances, she finally gathered the courage and determination to resume her studies.

Transcending Achievements

Despite the challenges she faced upon returning to the classroom after so long, Estela persevered in her dream: to inspire her son to become a professional.

Estela Pirir’s story is not only an example of personal achievement but also highlights the importance of lifelong learning and continuous education.

Thanks to everything she has learned at CENCA, she acquired the ability to speak in public and initiated a process to start a business in her community.

Her courage to face challenges and pursue her dreams inspires those around her, demonstrating that it is never too late to move forward and seek new opportunities for growth and personal development.

CENCA’s Commitment

CENCA’s objective is to provide a flexible educational offering that allows young people and adults to complete elementary, middle and high school studies, with a focus on entrepreneurship and productivity

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