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How Tires are Turned into Fuel

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As part of the activities within the Environmental Leader program, Progreso uses waste to feed the kiln at Planta Colorado in Costa Rica.

The process is known as «co-processing» and represents safe waste management. In this case, scrap tires are used in the cement manufacturing process.

This activity, which benefits the environment and executed by Cementos Progreso Costa Rica is done in partnership with the Costa Rican Ministry of Health and Fundellantas. Currently, communication campaigns are being created to collect unused automobile tires to continue working for the environment.


This is how it works:

  • The Patarrá Plant receives decommissioned tires.
  • The tires go through a tire grinder.
  • Once grinded, they are transferred to the Colorado Plant.
  • They are used to feed the oven with other materials such as RDF (pieces of plastic, fabric, amongst others) and biomass ( wood and wood chips)


Fundellantas is a non-profit ecological foundation that recycles rubber and scrap tires. According to their website, they have managed 3,716.54 tons of rubber and tires since 2001.

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