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Agreca achieves a successful automation process in Quetzaltenango

Gerardo de León Barrios es el responsable del equipo que lideró este proceso que fue reconocido con el Granito de Plata en la categoría "Mejorar".

The Agreca Crushing Plant located in Quetzaltenango began the automation process to improve product quality and become more efficient.

A start-up and shutdown system were installed to start the plant with a digital button, and maintain constant monitoring of temperature, amperage, and the hours of equipment-use. 

For Gerardo de León, project leader, the main achievement was to integrate a results-oriented multidisciplinary team. «This allowed us to integrate multiple disciplines to obtain results, not only technical disciplines, but also human and social aspects».

Teamwork became the cornerstone of the project and was vital to a successful process.

Among the project aspects evaluated were functionality, parameters to be used, needed equipment, and the time to achieve the automation process.

With the project start-up, the plant’s crushing circuits are now more efficient, all systems are constantly monitored, and the plant’s sustainability is guaranteed for the medium and long term.

Recognition for perseverance

For Gerardo, it was particularly important that his project and team were recognized at the “Granito de Oro” awards, for their effort, perseverance, and dedication. «When I heard about it, I felt very proud for the team, especially because the expected results were achieved with plant automation».

The operators now have an efficient system for plant start-up, constant monitoring and control of the main mills, as well as a system that facilitates equipment control problem detection.

The value of the team

This operational achievement, led by Gerardo de León Barrios included experts Mauro René Vásquez, Jorge Hilario Colop, and José Fernando Son. The Granito de Oro awards recognize initiatives that, due to their success and commitment to sustainability, transcend in a disruptive way to create more and better opportunities for all.

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