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Cemento Progreso’s strong participation in the XV National Forum on Business Transformation

The Center for Corporate Social Responsibility Action in Guatemala, CentraRSE, held its XV National Forum on Business Transformation. CEOs and executives from leading companies in the Guatemalan market, alongside Cementos Progreso participated in the two-day long forum.

Educational Rounds

The first day of the event was dedicated to environmental issues from a business perspective. Juan Ramón Aguilar, our Environmental Management Manager, highlighted Cementos Progreso’s role in the Montagua River cleaning efforts. He also stressed the importance of public-private partnerships to achieve objectives and the common good.

Different projects were presented at the Forum, such has the PROVERDE waste management initiative and waste co-processing, whereby using previously conditioned waste in the cement kilns, provides thermal energy or raw material for the cement production process. As of 2021, more than 120,000 tons of solid waste have been co-processed, including 45,000 tons of tire.

Needless to say, Cementos Progreso’s co-processing operations are approved by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, MARN.

During the second day of discussions, our Corporate Citizenship Manager, Guillermo Monroy, shared Cementos Progreso’s perception towards sustainability, and both the positive and negative impacts to the environment. He also spoke about turning environmental impacts into positive experiences that benefit productive activity.

The event highlighted Cemento Progreso’s beginnings, stating that it was founded in in 1899 as an entrepreneurial venture as well as a company based on the values and long-term vision of its founder, Carlos F. Novella.

Monroy also emphasized that companies must become aware and take steps to become sustainable. He encourages businesses to see sustainability in terms of business management. He added that a sustainable business models «are not painful» when the goal is to transcend and have long-term objectives.

In both interventions, Cementos Progreso’s commitment to development and sustainability was visible, adapting new pollutant reduction technologies, in this manner contributing to building a better country.

Under the slogan «Change lies in You», the forum was divided into three topics, SUSTAINABLE TALKS, BUSINESS FORUM and ENTREPRENEURIAL FORUM. Cementos Progreso’s managers Guillermo Monroy, Corporate Citizenship Manager, and Juan Ramón Aguilar, Corporate Manager of Environmental Management, contributed to the discussion panels with topics related to the Guatemalan business environment and current state of affairs.

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