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Cementos Progreso heads the Top of Mind for brands in the region

Cementos Progreso encabeza el Top of Mind de marcas en la región latam guatemala
Being at the top of the public's mind is a hallmark that brands achieve with work, dedication and excellence. Reaching that condition means going through actions that range from investing in branding to being present in people's daily lives.

The regional publication Summa, recently released the Top of Mind (TOM) of the brands at the region level. Companies that understand new business ideas and know how to differentiate themselves to become benchmarks are positioned there. Cementos Progreso is one of the most important brands in the country and in the region, one more reason to continue building the country where we all want to live.

And it is that the brands that appear in the top, are not only taken as a reference of their respective niches of action, but also, other related spaces when the objective is to communicate the values ​​of the company.

In addition, the health crisis that affects the world imposed new rules in the game and companies faced critical decisions: create higher quality experiences or lose the opportunity to be perceived as actors and allow them to grow steadily.

In this new context, part of the success of brands depends on creating integrated experiences and accompanying the consumer throughout their journey, no matter how and where they interact with them, combining physical and digital channels (online and offline), including websites, blogs , social networks and mobile applications. In addition, they must be in a “perpetual state of disruption”, reinvent their construction (brand-building) through data and technology and implement ideas that add value and create positive and personalized connections, without being invasive.

Cementos Progreso at the Leading Edge

For Cementos Progreso and its Associates it represents an achievement to be the most important Guatemalan brand in the ranking of national brands published by Summa magazine and to be the second most important brand in the region.

For the company, people are the most valuable asset and their safety, well-being, professional and personal development are a priority. Confidence in work teams so that they can reach their full potential is another characteristic that the brand communicates.

According to the study prepared by the Cid Gallup firm, Cementos Progreso remains in the minds of consumers as a responsible company, with ethics and values ​​that manage to communicate through the actions that are carried out, not only advertising, but also with the community and its counterparts.

And it is that at the end of the day, being one of the first brands that come to the minds of consumers in their respective categories is an advantage that only translates into effectiveness when it is complemented with congruent strategies so that the product or service becomes something. relevant and the organizational culture of the company called “ADN Progreso”, has managed to position itself as effective and resilient.

In the regional Top of Mind

National rankings in the region

1. Cementos Progreso (Guatemala)

2. Dos Pinos (Costa Rica)

3. Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

Regional ranking

1. Colgate

2. Cementos Progreso

3. Two Pines

The data:

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