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Cementos Progreso presented its 2021 Sustainability Report

Committed with sustainability in the region, Cementos Progreso presented its 2021 Sustainability Report in Guatemala, Belize, and Panama as part of a visiting tour to each country’s operations.

The «Cementing the Future» 2021 Sustainability Report reflects progress in the four pillars included in the 2015-2025 Sustainability Strategy: preferred vendor, preferred employer, environmental leader, and responsible citizen.

Presentations of the report were made to generate dialogue and exchange, to promote transparency and accountability. In this regard, Guillermo Monroy, Corporate Citizenship Manager, said: « we have consolidated our corporate governance which is being strengthened and aligned with our regional expansion, alongside contributions we have made to the communities where we operate.”

«At Progreso we say that profits are not the goal, but they are the result. What has enabled our sustainability is the result of everything we do for our employees, our clients, and the communities,» added Monroy.

You can download the whole report here.

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