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Check out what is happening at Exponential Changemakers 2022!

The fourth edition of Exponential Changemakers (ECM) focuses on finding disruptive solutions that contribute to reducing the housing deficit.

How can we make a more efficient and sustainable construction sector through disruptive materials, solutions, and technologies?

This question is the motor behind the fourth ECM meeting. Eleven startups from around the world work together to co-develop disruptive solutions for the construction sector, seeking technologies that optimize the design processes. This will, in turn, make construction systems more efficient, enabling for improved operational management.

In addition, the event seeks to optimize construction process workflows, adapting cities by incorporating sustainable solutions, collaborating with strategic partners to co-create technological solutions and synergies that address new challenges.

Demo Day

Participating start-up representatives of this edition, were heard by a panel of experts who provided their feedback to co-create proposals for a pilot project.

Boot Camp

For three days, The boot camp touched upon specific challenges and interests chosen by the participants. Innovation coaches helped participants adapt their solutions and concepts to the problems they presented.

In this manner, three startups will be chosen to carry out a pilot project with Progreso and its different business units. The following challenges were selected:

The participants identified the design processes, from a real estate project to the construction blueprints, allowing for more agile, sustainable, and efficient construction that will increase production.

The participants are searching for new construction systems, focusing on efficiency, sustainability, and flexibility that challenge the way things are built and increase production capacity. These construction systems will incorporate data-driven solutions that optimize supply chain operational management and on-site procurement, resulting in improving communication, delivery time, cost reduction and risk mitigation.

ECM 2022, is on!

Participating Startups

Denmark’s 3DCP; Automatic Construction from the United States; Baumax from Chile; Spains Beawre; Mexico’s Buildpeer; Dex from Chile; Evocons from Spain; Gamma Ar from Luxembourg; Kambiohome from the United States; Cuby Techonolgies from the United States; and Guatemala’s Uncierre.

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