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CIG recognized our good environmental practices

CIG reconoce buenas practicas ambientales de Progreso Guatemala cempro cementos
The implementation of the initiative for the Motagua River was recognized by the Chamber of Industry of Guatemala -CIG- which awarded the "Environmental 2022" prize.

The project «Revaluation of waste recovered from the Motagua River through co-processing in Cementos Progreso’s furnaces», proposes the design of infrastructure to capture solid waste from the Motagua River, and valorize it in an energetic way through co-processing.

The Motagua River is one of the most important rivers in Guatemala and also one of the most affected due to the high amount of waste and solid waste it carries.

Solid waste is collected by a biofence installed by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources on the Motagua River in the El Quetzalito village, Izabal, and extracted by the Collection Center personnel, after which it is sorted and compacted using a hydraulic system provided by Proverde of Cementos Progreso.

According to Juan Ramón Aguilar, Environmental Management Manager of Cementos Progreso: «The project has brought numerous benefits, including job creation, contribution to human health, reduction of waste that ends up in the sea, improvement in the quality of water used by the communities, reduction of atmospheric emissions by replacing fossil fuels in cement furnaces, and promotion of community environmental education. This is how Cementos Progreso contributes to building the country where we want to live,» he says.

We successfully concluded the XVII Industrial Congress

Under the title: «From Reactivation to Economic Acceleration», it was held on September 9th with the objective of guiding companies to trace the path of economic acceleration, to maintain a dynamic and sustained integral growth and to provide the ideal platform for business generation.

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