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e-Health Challenge Returns to Progreso

echallenge 2023 progreso latam
Progreso joins the 2023 edition eHealth Challenge program. Last year (2022) Progreso won first place among 20 participating companies, in the following categories: walking, biking, running, swimming, and daily activity (steps).

That year, the historic goal of 100,228 kilometers was achieved, equivalent to 2.5 laps worldwide. This was thanks to the constant work of 347 Progreso employees who signed up and remained active during the challenge.

Participants in the eHealth Challenge gain health and lifestyle benefits, as consistent and disciplined exercise, allows them to improve their physical condition and mood. In addition, their stress levels improve while acquiring healthy habits. This will be Progreso’s third year participating. The first time they did so, was in 2021.

Progreso has other wellness programs that promote good health habits. Such as Rediseña tu Alimentación, this program improved Progreso’s employees eating habits in 2021. It was a twelve-week, six-session program that increased fruit and vegetable consumption, significantly reduce sedentary lifestyles, and increase drinking water consumption among participants.

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