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Electronova installs platform for real-time monitoring

Electronova instala plataforma de monitoreo de clientes en tiempo real cempro progreso latam guatemala
Monitoring is one of the most important activities in any business or industry and in the electricity sector it is no exception. Electronova knows this and therefore provides its customers with a digital platform to carry out this activity in real time.

The electricity marketer Electronova, has the purpose of permanently verifying the quality of energy of all its clients and thus have the information in real time. It uses commercial meters, communication media and a screen in real time with all the parameters of the electricity supply, achieving access from any device.

How is a power quality monitoring carried out?

A network analyzer is placed in the electrical installation for a maximum period of eight days to later extract the stored information and proceed to its analysis.

This platform seeks to verify the power quality of the customers evaluated for very limited periods, and to achieve one hundred percent coverage for the entire time in which they receive the supply.

What is the scope?

Monitoring is carried out through information systems to which both clients and technicians have access. This action makes it possible to report on any problem they have in the supply, in order to be able to provide advice on maneuvers or actions that must be taken to solve the problems. The screens also allow you to interact with the distributors to contribute information that allows you to speed up the solution of faults or the determination of their causes.

In addition, the platform records other disturbances such as micro-cuts and voltage transients to evaluate the quality of electricity under international standards.

What are the results achieved and quantified

● Today Electronova monitors the power quality of one hundred percent of its portfolio throughout the time they receive the supply.

● Customers immediately perceived an improvement in the service since the platform allows them to observe at any time and from anywhere how their electricity supply is.

Raúl Girón, led the team made up of Beatriz Lara, Zayda Fajardo and Marcello Estrada responsible for this achievement.

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