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E&N ranks Progreso as one of the most notable companies in the region

Progreso contributes socially and economically to the business world in the central american region, making it one of the most important companies in the region's business network.

The Estrategia & Negocios -E&N- publication’s Intelligence Unit analyzed the performance of 170 regional companies and highlighted the plans that Progreso developed to consolidate its presence in seven regional markets.

The publication highlights the Guatemalan company’s presence in two new markets (Costa Rica and El Salvador) after acquiring Cemex’s operations for US$329 million as one of the «Big Business Moves of 2022».

This move was completed in 2022 with the acquisition of the Mexican company’s operations in Costa Rica and El Salvador, introducing the company’s leading brand «Cementos Progreso» to these markets. This and other investments demonstrate the company’s clear commitment to the region’s development and trust in the future of each of these countries.

This expansion process was developed mainly during the most complex pandemic years, and served to consolidate the resilience and solidarity processes that Progreso fosters in its organizational culture, where human beings are central to all actions that take place.

A Milestone in History

José Raúl González, CEO of Progreso, explained to E&N that the expansion process into Salvadoran and Costa Rican markets represents an important milestone in the history of the Guatemalan company.

«The expansion process to these markets is definitely an important milestone in the history of Progreso, which primarily seeks to create shared value in local markets. Since its origin, the company believes in the region, understands its development potential, and visualizes the opportunity to benefit each of these countries,» explained González.

The growth dynamic and challenging vision of Progreso bets on a far-reaching project, which allows the company to expand its productivity and action fields to two new territories that consolidate -once again- a visionary’s dream for which he laid the foundation for, more than 120 years ago.

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