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Have you downloaded the book «Hecho en Guatemala»?

In the book "Hecho en Guatemala" (Made in Guatemala) the story of Cementos Progreso is told like never before, full of anecdotes and success tips for the benefit of Guatemalan entrepreneurs.

The book is in digital format, and it can be downloaded for free here.

It is an opportunity to access wisdom from 26 renowned Guatemalan companies, along with the stories that challenged them and made them grow. Among these outstanding companies is Cementos Progreso, chosen for its trajectory, the development it has promoted, and its contribution to the country.

Cemento’s Progreso history is told through photographs and anecdotes, along with interesting tips and valuable topics such as:

The key to Cementos Progreso’s success as told by its CEO, José Raúl Gonzales.

The challenges they faced and how they managed to avoid bankruptcy during the company’s early years.

How Carlos F. Novella, its founder, took care of his employees during its worst economic times.

How they adapted to global changes such as wars, pandemics and natural disasters.

How they introduced a new product that changed paradigms in the construction sector.

The importance of audits such as the Ethisphere Institute of New York, or the British Safety Council to maintain the level of excellence in their practices.

The importance of leaving a legacy that transcends.

There is also a timeline of the events that marked Cementos Progreso’s success story, as well as wisdom provided by its leaders and its founder.

According to d’buk publishing house, who was responsible for the edition of this book, and other 60 titles that exalt Guatemalan values, they say that the book «Hecho en Guatemala» has special value for entrepreneurs who seek to grow their businesses. It was designed for those who are interested in learning about Guatemala’s history and the companies that have built the country.

Did you know?

About 150 people worked on developing this digital books.

Of the companies highlighted in this book, Cementos Progreso is the third oldest, founded in 1899, preceded only by Ingenio Pantaleón (1849) and Cervecería Centroamericana (1886).

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