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Housing for all

«We want to generate housing supply in central sectors of the city, close to study and work centers,» said José Antonio Solares from the Accessible Housing Development of Cementos Progreso.

Cementos Progreso, aligned with the purpose of building together the country where we want to live, began the implementation of social housing projects to improve the lives of thousands of Guatemalans. With the aim of helping low-income families have access to a high-quality home of their own Progreso started a new housing initiative.

That’s why it seeks to address the challenges of the country facing the problem of unattainable housing, launching the initiative «Let’s Improve Homes», a program to improve the quality of life of many Guatemalans through the remodeling of their houses, thus seeking to reduce the qualitative housing deficit.

Together with this initiative, the innovative concept of Sustainable Integrated Housing Urban Modules (MUVIS) was created, which generates low-cost urban housing. This model of housing is accessible to multiple families who previously did not have urban housing opportunities.

One of the main achievements for Cementos Progreso was the completion of the «Trasciende» project and another located in Atanasio Tzul with 300 apartments. Both made under the Urban Model of Sustainable Integrated Housing (MUVIS).

Other actions

  • It was possible to socialize the proposal of Law 5484 «Economic Reactivation and Family Savings», which has a favorable opinion within the Congress of the Republic.

  • The regulation for the Priority Housing Regime was approved by the Municipality of Guatemala and the application for a license to build 407 accessible and priority housing units was entered.

  • Drafts were generated to generate Accessible Housing regulations for Villa Canales, Villa Nueva, and proposals for municipal projects were presented in Villa Nueva, Mixco, Chinautla, Villa Canales, Quetzaltenango and Cobán.

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