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How does Progreso apply Conscientious Leadership?

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Business dialogues were held at the 2021’s XIV National CSR Forum as part of their virtual activities. José Raúl González, Progreso’s CEO, focused his presentation on how conscientious leadership is applied at Progreso.

During the activity, businessmen from different parts of the region spoke to strategies implemented by companies that would keep processes resilient in postpandemic times. Mariel Bera from Dominican Republic’s Banco Popular, Michel Caput from Banco de los Trabajadores, Tomás Regalado from CASSA, and Enrique Crespo from Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), were also invited to the forum, which was led by Mexican journalist Lucia Navarro.

During the activity, businessmen spoke about post-pandemic scenarios. They established that it was the regional companies’ responsibility to generate certainty among employees and stakeholders.

«Companies must generate trust and working hand in hand with governments is critical, because no successful company can exist in a failed democracy,» said Mariel Bera of Banco Popular.

For Caput, representative of Banco de los Trabajadores, believes that the only possible way to improve conditions in the country and the region, is if regional companies become responsible for building certainty when facing complex scenarios.

Tomás Regalado from CAASA supported the argument by stating that companies have a valuable opportunity to improve the economy, in postpandemic times, by creating public-private partnerships.

CMI representative, Enrique Crespo, stated that businessmen must be active social listeners. They also have a responsibility towards resilience and becoming consciously aware of what goes on regarding the companies’ collaborators and clients.

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Conscientious leadership

Progreso’s CEO stressed that within the company’s human ecosystem, profits are not the goal but the result of living in accordance to its values.

«Conscientious leadership is a vision which seeks to fulfill a company’s purpose and, at the same time, serve its stakeholders. At Progreso, we decided that profit is not the goal, but the result. It’s the way in which our founder, Carlos F. Novella, instructed us to practice corporate values. We do this through a vision of collaborative work, in which we take into account customers, communities, employees, and the company’s welfare to fulfill our transcendent purpose, which is to build together the country where we all want to live».

He also pointed out that, «Solidarity is one of the company’s most important values, which puts human beings first. This has allowed us to turn all our employees into ambassadors of the institution’s philosophy, and thus have excellent trusting relationships which are reflected in all of Progreso’s activities».

He also stated that good practices have not only guaranteed the company’s sustainability, but have also generated an efficient expansion process with values and ethics.

Ethics during the new business era

On Tuesday November 23rd, the XIV National CSR Forum: Ethics in the New Business Era, Conscious Leadership in Action began in virtual mode. This year the organizers decided to delve into one of the fundamental pillars of Conscientious Capitalism: Conscientious leadership, where businesspeople from all over the region participated.

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