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Las Verapaces Reserve will offer a new way of living

Cobán is the capital city of Guatemala’s Alta Verapaz Department, which is located in the lower part of the country’s northern area. Las Verapaces Reserve is a housing project located in Cobán, who’s initial phase is the first vertical housing project in the municipality and will provide a new lifestyle for 96 families.

The project will improve its members’ well-being because it provides more efficient in-city transportation, it’s located closer to shopping centers, main streets, educational centers, and other necessary services for families living in this housing complex.

It is well known that Coban has one of the highest economic development indexes in the region. This is true thanks to its culture, productive capacity, commerce, sports, adaptability, and it’s unique vision of the future. This project aims to fulfill that vision, which today is already a reality.

Every year Cobán has a 33.3% growth in population, which represents approximately 10 thousand people according to the INE[1]. In a short time, vertical housing will become increasingly necessary in this municipality. Therefore, getting this process started with social welfare, integral development, and quality of life at an affordable price in mind, is what is happening at Reserva Las Verapaces.

[1] INE Instituto Nacional de Estadística – Guatemala’s National Statistics Institute

Reserva Las Verapaces

Today Reserva Las Verapaces is delivering two types of homes. The first has an area of 47 m2 and will have two bedrooms, with the possibility of a third one. The second will measure 57 m2 with three bedrooms. Both styles have a living room, dining room, kitchen, balcony, bathroom, and motorcycle or vehicle parking.

The amenities also make this project attractive: a guardhouse with security control, parking for visitors, laundry, own water well, and treatment plant. Additionally, outdoor areas for children, a multi-sports court, a multipurpose room, walking trails, outdoor tables, and a barbecue area. More than 40% of the complex is green and have recreational areas.

[1] INE Instituto Nacional de Estadística – Guatemala’s National Statistics Institute

Quality of life depends on many factors, and the city’s efficiency in providing services is one of them. Cities must be more productive and competitive, that is what Reserva Las Verapaces seeks. This project aims to contribute to its inhabitant’s productivity by having housing that provides a series of facilities and benefits that helps both the family and the population in general.

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