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Launching the new street in El Sinaca village, Sanarate

Mr. Saturnino Fuentes admires the new street leading to his house. He can see the children walking safely with their mothers, and he watches the workers pass by on bicycles. He appreciates the difference of having to fill the potholes that had formed on the street to a brand-new street. Now motorcycles, light vehicles, and pedestrians easily pass on the street; before it was only possible for four-wheel drive vehicles to drive on it.

The new street in El Sinaca village in Sanarate, El Progreso, Guatemala, has become the pride of the community.

Cemento Progreso’s social management area, along with the COCODE and the community company Construcciones Damian CJ, came together to build the street. It took six months to completely renovate it.

Everyone did their part, even the neighbors who gave up a meter of their land in order to widen the road. This road will benefit 1,800 people, because this section connects the upper and the lower parts of the village, as well as connecting them to health services, schools, and parks.

The Prosperous Communities Project was planned by Cementos Progreso’s social management unit. They were in charge of socializing the project in phases, community participation in neighborhood assemblies and, of course, the bipartite execution and inauguration of the project on May 27, 2022.

The fact

This street represents a well-led community effort, for the benefit of all who pass through it. A round of applause for El Sinaca village, congratulations!

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