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María Alejandra Estrada «At Progreso we are constantly innovating»

As a San Miguel Plant line manager, María Alejandra Estrada knows that leadership is necessary, because it generates trust within her team, and allows for an efficient operation.

Cement production is a technical and complex process that requires knowledge, concentration, and teamwork. María Alejandra knows this very well, as does her team because she has set an example for them at the San Miguel plant.

She is convinced that promoting healthy leadership is the formula to improve, grow, and adapt to market needs. «Progreso is constantly innovating with methodologies, tools, and activities that promote leadership among collaborators. We have access to web pages full of valuable information, training, recognition, and above all the example of living by COVEC values at the core of our leadership agenda».

Since she joined the Cementos Progreso plant, her unwavering values have constantly been promoted throughout her professional training process.

María Alejandra believes that a progressive leader must embody several qualities until they become virtues. Leaders must be humble to recognize their capabilities and limits. Humility will allow them to be receptive to their teams’ contributions, achieving better results collectively.

«Values are leaderships’ pillars and support, as they serve as guides for effective decision making. A team built on integrity is strengthened by embodying values, focusing on results, as supporting, encouraging and fighting for the common good. This can all be translated into sustainability,» she says.

Progreso is characterized by adapting to changes, putting people at the center, and doing business in a transparent and responsible way. Encouraging leadership in employees, is one way the company builds together the country where they want to live.

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