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More than 300 teachers participated in the «Formador de Formadores» (Trainer of Trainers) Congress

Más de 300 maestros se dieron cita en el Congreso "Formador de Formadores" CEMPRO cementos progreso
The 1st Congress of Pedagogical Sensitization "Formador de Formadores" was held with the slogan "Great leaders inspire action, change your community" as part of the Teacher's Day framework.

More than 300 teachers from all public schools in zone 6 of Guatemala City, participated. They enjoyed more than 5 workshops during 5 months and concluded their pedagogical sensitization process. The Construcción Ciudadana (Citizen Building) Program, in coordination and alliance with local, departmental, and national authorities of the Ministry of Education -MINEDUC- promoted the «Pedagogical Sensitization Module» is promoted.

During the process, the following topics were addressed, the first of which weas inter-school pedagogical dialogue, then multidisciplinary analysis which identified achievements and pedagogical needs. In addition, activity prioritization to manage the improvement of public-school establishments in Guatemala city’s zone six. Verónica Spross de Rivera and Ana Cristina Estrada, from the «Maestro 100 puntos» organization, promoted by Empresarios por la Educación (Entrepreneurs for Education), participated in a special session on «Education and post-pandemic challenges».

Abigaíl Solórzano Hernández, director of Pre-K school No. 50, thanked them for the training process and reminded us of the importance of education. «Education is the weapon with which we can transform the world. As teachers we have the responsibility to change the world for our students who we are privileged to serve.«

Carlos F. Novella Foundation contributes by providing quality education, promoting development so that citizens can be managers and protagonists of their own destiny. For this reason, they work in various capacities for life and peace, such as education, technical training, music, sports, citizen construction, among others.

Key processes

The Pedagogical Sensitization Congress «Formador de Formadores» was a meeting for teachers from all public schools in zone 6, they were able to strengthen their knowledge, practices, and pedagogical skills within the framework of updating teacher training.

Cecilia Dougherty, president of the Carlos F. Novella Foundation, thanked the teachers for their commitment and invited them to continue with their transformation process. «We can only transform if we are transformed ourselves. Thanks to your commitment, education can be a true life experience.»

Through its programs, the Foundation promotes capacity building for educators. This allows them to improve their environment and quality of life in a sustainable manner. It also strengthens and empowers their pedagogical processes. This encourages them to become leaders in their respective communities.

Ciudadanos Responsables (Responsible citizens)

The Carlos F. Novella Foundation is making a difference in education and capacity building in Guatemala. They develop different social investment programs, promoting progress for Guatemalans and especially their teachers.

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