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Progreso is committed to the wellbeing of its employees’ lives

Since 2010, the Guatemalan company has been implementing programs and actions to generate well-being and balance between the work and family life of its employees.

Corporate wellness is an initiative where employees feel connected, secure and satisfied with the conditions in which they carry out their work.

At Progreso, operating a business in a responsible manner, implementing benefits that improve the lives of its employees, such as internal policies to promote housing, health services and educational programs, are small parts of an organizational culture where the Code of Values, Ethics and Conduct (Covec), and the service axes (commitment to results, well-being, development, communication and recognition), constitute the Leadership Agenda.

Initiatives that transform

These are some of the initiatives that Progreso implements with the intention of improving the conditions for its employees.

Transfórmate en Línea (Change yourself online): A program that promotes good health habits by providing access to information related to wellness, happiness at work, nutrition, sleep hygiene, and proper stress management through online webinars. In its last two editions, 2,767 employees participated and 99% of the participants indicated that this program added value to their lives.

Sumando Kilometers (Adding kilometers): the project promotes the accumulation of as many kilometers as possible by practicing five different sports, by means of GPS registration. In its four editions, it had more than 1,500 participants and the distance covered was 295,981.63 kilometers, equivalent to 7.4 laps around the world.

Soy mamá y Progreso (I’m a mother and I progress): supports mothers during pregnancy and breastfeeding with free nutritional counseling and educational information.

At the forefront of wellness

Using health research, Progreso promotes healthy lifestyles so that employees have tools that allow them to take care of their physical, mental and emotional health, helping to reduce the onset of degenerative diseases.

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