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Progreso’s «La Transformación está en mi» (Transformation is on me) program graduates it’s second group

With support from Guatemala Próspera, a total of 227 employees from different units within Progreso, in addition to 12 others external to the organization, completed the second edition of the certificate course "La Transformación está en mi".

During the course, participants were learned of personal development and values. First, they were trained in the 15 laws of personal development established by John Maxwell. Second, they learned of the 15 values, those including: laws of intentionality, conscience and perseverance, as well as responsibility, punctuality, respect, and humility, among others.

Iván Gallardo

Iván Gallardo, Manager of the Central Region Users Unit, is a Progreso collaborator who participated in the second edition of the certificate course. «Guatemala Próspera represents a space for personal and professional growth, reinforcing values and fundamental principles in every member of the Progreso family».

This training process is based on principles and values, with emphasis on leadership. It seeks to generate deep and positive changes in employees’ lives, so they can influence their families, and in particular, social spaces where they develop.

Elisa Mencos

Elisa Mencos, curator of the Carlos F. Novella Museum, said that having participated in the program helped become aware of values that she was unaware that she already practiced. “In addition to identifying these new values, I was able to see all the potential we can develop as human beings, to build the country where we want to live.»

Leadership and Transformation

Progreso knows that leadership and transformation with values are pillars that strengthen the company’s organizational culture and governance. That is why its constantly working on instilling new habits in employees to employ good practices and innovation.

Thanks to Guatemala Próspera’s support, this is the second time the certification course is given to collaborators of the great Progreso family.

Transforming since 2013

Since June 2013, Guatemala Próspera has been teaching the «La Transformación Está en Mí» program, which to date has trained 403 Progreso employees, and transformed them into new and better leadership.

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