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Promoting Sustainable Innovation to Transform Businesses

The Corporate Social Responsibility Action Center (-CentraRSE-) presented its XV National Business Transformation Forum, a meeting place for businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Companies achieve better results, as opposed to their competitors, when they address their environmental and social impacts, as well as focus on their governance. This is one conclusion reached at the XV National Forum on Business Transformation, where corporate accelerator Progreso X participated.

Jorge Toruño, President of CentraRSE, mentioned that Guatemala is a country characterized by entrepreneurship, in a context where innovation is considered a pillar for competitiveness. CentraRSE deems, as essential, that efforts to innovate must be implemented prioritizing sustainability.

During the meeting, Erick Melgar, CEO and co-founder of Progreso X, shared his experience. He stated that «Progreso X was born to create, design, and bring disruptive ideas to life for the worlds benefit. This would be achieved through collaborative innovation among Progreso’s business units, startups, and ecosystem. We promote business models that generate multilateral value based on Progreso’s sustainability strategy».

Also participating in the event was Andrea Arnau, a Colombian entrepreneur known for her experience in impact investing, entrepreneurship, and innovation, as well as her participation in Shark Tank Colombia and Shark Tank Mexico.

Change is the only constant

It’s important to highlight that, in addition to regulatory requirements, the market and especially customers demand more of companies’ behavior; a recent PwC study indicated that 78% of buyers prefer to purchase from companies aligned with sustainability goals.

During the activity, entrepreneurs were able to exchange information with other entrepreneurs who currently nurture the national business ecosystem.

In addition, this space was the prelude to the XV National Forum on Business Transformation, to be held on September 20th and 21st. The objective is that business leaders of any industry and/or size can delve on sustainability principles in a simple, clear manner. The event enables for close and applicable examples to the new reality, allowing companies to unify their understanding and vision of these concepts.

Sustainability as a tool for innovation

Being a company concerned about generating value to society and the planet, directly influences customers and users’ perception towards the organization, transmitting confidence and security to stakeholders. Investing in innovation creates trust and reduces risks.

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