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Proverde obtains certification guaranteeing the quality and competence of its laboratory results

This new achievement, ISO 17025 accreditation,is a reflection of the laboratory's commitment to the pursuit of excellence in waste disposal services via co-processing in cement kilns.

This standard is an international standard established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and is specifically oriented to «testing and calibrating laboratories». In addition, it establishes the general requirements which define their technical competence.

In other words, it is a set of guidelines that ensures the laboratory’s capability of performing tests and calibrations accurately and reliably.

The accreditation was presented by Engineer Carlos Archila, Executive Secretary of the Guatemalan Accreditation Office, an entity that recognizes the quality of accredited products and services.

Modernization and competition

Today, for industries and companies, being competent in a global market is a great aspiration. With this certification, Proverde guarantees that its results are accurate, and reliable up to the management systems standards, including operating according to the principles of other norms.

The idea behind implementing this standard in testing, calibration or measurement laboratories is that actions are planned and implanted to address risks and opportunities, achieving better results, standardized processes, while having everything under control.

The importance behind the ISO 17025 certification

ISO 17025 ensures that testing and calibration laboratories comply with highly demanding policies. This allows them to provide high-quality services, increase their competitiveness since clients usually choose to work with certified entities and establish continuous improvement processes.

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