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Roselin María del Cid «A Progreso leader is genuine, unique, and consistent»

The optimization manager of San Miguel Plant knows that transcending through values is one of the most important achievements within Progreso's operations.

Roselin leads by example and becoming that example is one the main driving forces behind her exceptional results in optimizing the processes she manages at the San Miguel plant.

She knows that Progreso promotes leadership at all levels, a process that enriches teamwork among members in terms of solidarity, commitment to operations, ethical behavior, and respect.

«From my perspective, a Progreso leader’s main quality is to be genuine, unique, and consistent as he or she applies our leadership agenda within and outside the organization.»

Process optimization is the discipline that continuously adapts processes to improve them. To do so, the process needs to be analyzed to identify its weak points. From there, solutions can be found contributing to their improvement.

Roselin believes that leadership is exercised through ethics, maintaining resilient behavior, and learning from daily experiences at the plant.

Commitment and integrity

The Optimization Team’s activities are led by commitment and integrity, two values that are pillars of the organization.

«Good leadership motivates people to find new efficient/effective solutions that encourage participation, communication, and commitment. Initiatives to change, motivated from leadership, come from team members to ensure the company’s long-term competitiveness,» she says.

For Roselin, transcending through the authenticity of Progreso’s values is the companys greatest asset and the greatest example it can set for its employees.

Efficiency and leadership

A company’s processes determine its efficiency. Therefore, its competitiveness and its role as a reference within the market, depends on process optimization. However, this important process goes hand in hand with a series of values that guarantee transparent and ethical operations.

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