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Sacos del Atlántico implements sanitary protocols

Sacos del Atlántico implementa protocolos sanitarios progreso latam guatemala
With the health of employees and contractors in mind, Sacos del Atlántico designed protocol to return to normal activities after COVID-19. The document provides technical, general and operational information about the measures that will be taken in the different targeted locations, to prevent the spread of the disease caused by COVID-19.

Promoting a safe work environment so that employees can effectively perform each of their respective tasks, minimizing the number of infections and allowing the continuity of the operation is the purpose of the sanitary protocol implemented by Sacos del Atlántico.

The protocols used in the company, seek that their employees and contractors know how to minimize the risk of spreading the disease and have a safe environment in the plant facilities.

Within the facilities, employees must use the masks provided and authorized by the authorities (N95, FFP2, KN95, R95 or P100 filters).Employees with another type of mask (surgical mask, cloth mask) will not be allowed to enter work.

In addition, they must maintain a safe distance from one person to another of one and a half meters, avoid the use rings, bracelets or other accessories that make it difficult to wash hands and wrists and not share any kind of garments or personal use objects under any circumstances.

Taking care of ourselves is our responsibility

At Sacos del Atlántico, the most important thing is employees, contractors and clients. That is why avoiding physical contact and strict control in any suspected case of Covid-19 is promoted.

The entrance and cleaning mechanisms in the plant are also regulated for the peace of mind of all. In addition, surfaces and commonly used objects such as telephones, door handles, work tables, computer keyboards, sinks, etc. are frequently cleaned and disinfected with chlorine, quaternary ammonium, chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide.

It is important for the company to carry out epidemiological surveys to employees, contractors, suppliers and visitors in order to prevent the entry of people who imply a risk of contagion of the disease.

Necessary processes

The action protocol is a necessary mechanism to be able to provide assurance to all employees and contractors to guarantee health and a successful operation.

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