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Stephanie Melville is recognized as a Distinguished Guatemalan 2022

The award given by Seguros Universales pays tribute to all Guatemalans from different professional fields who build better opportunities for all.

Within the «Entrepreneurial» category, during the contest’s VXVII edition organized by Seguros Universales S.A., our Board of Directors Vice President, Stephanie Melville, was recognized for her leadership and dedication throughout her professional career.

In addition to her work at Progreso, Melville is vice-president of the Guatemalan Industry Chamber, where she has made outstanding contributions to the Chamber’s management and administration.

Before Progreso, she was the first female director of the Guatemalan Industry Chamber, and the first female president of the Industrial Club. She is a lawyer by profession, a mother, and a committed citizen.

«I’ve been fortunate enough to follow the example of great empowered women and true leaders. They were able to make way with their work and dedication,» she stated.

Guatemaltecos Ilustres (Distinguished Guatemalans) wrote an article about Stephanie on their website, where they mention her leadership and dedication placed in every single space she occupies.

This award is undoubtedly an example of the passion and pride that each Progreso woman carries within, as they build together the country where we want to live.

Relive this important moment

We invite you to re live the moment where Stephanie Melville receives the award recognizing her career and work, through the following link:

What is Guatemaltecos Ilustres?

The Guatemaltecos Ilustres Award was birthed by the desire to send a positive message and show that there are outstanding people in our country.

The website was created in 2013, as a public national space to propose and eventually discover stories of Guatemalans who are excelling in different disciplines.

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