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The First Real Estate Financing Congress brings together all business value chain stakeholders in Guatemala

primer congreso inmobiliario guatemala
The first National Real Estate Financing Congress was held recently, bringing together the largest number of business value chain stakeholders.

The activity’s goal was to learn about different traditional and non-conventional financing options, success stories, trends, macro and microeconomic information within the business, with high level speakers as well as financial sector leaders.

Kendy Paiz, Cementos Progreso’s Financing Solutions Manager, was one of the organizers. She commented on the importance behind these types of events: «The Congress allowed financial institutions to offer non-traditional financing for individuals, and the business sector, opening up a wide range of options».

The event was aimed at construction companies, developers and technical, marketing, sales, accounting, legal services, and trade associations, among others.

A total of 422 people participated in the congress. The congress was an in-person event held at Epica Eventos y Convenciones Guatemala located in the Avia building in Guatemala City.

City, Infrastructure and Sustainability

With this theme, national and international experts spoke about building resilient sustainable cities, and the importance of finding appropriate financing for each project.

«Its important to understand that real estate projects have many options to finance construction and sale. Learning about the market players allows us to make strategic and efficient decisions to guarantee the investments success,» said Paiz.

All social and economic factors in a given area must be considered, while researching and evaluating real estate opportunities for commercial, industrial or other uses. This will allow for an effective investment to be made.

One of the event’s objectives was including soft financing for public and private projects, thus generating expectations for all sectors involved.

In Guatemala, social housing is sought-after and market development is at its peak, so obtaining appropriate financing is essential to meet the demand.

Financial inclusion

The idea that financial inclusion reduces poverty and promotes prosperity was addressed at this first congress. Access to credit and other forms of financing are necessary in countries with a young population such as Guatemala.

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