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The Project’s Impact

"Great deeds are performed not by strength, but by perseverance" Samuel Johnson.

Throughout mankind’s history there have been a variety of situations and characters that inspire; while some only leave an invitation to learn, others leave lessons that will teach us what not to repeat. Following Newton’s third law of physics… every action has an equal or opposite reaction.

Each project both tells us a story, or what is left in silence becomes the story. Every activity has a consequence, therefore, what prevails through time are the projects that generate a transformation in both the person who initiates it, and those to whom they are directed. The people who are benefited by project can share the recipe of knowledge and reward that is obtained along the way.

The «Enrique Novella Alvarado» Private School (ENA) is the reflection of an effort that has promoted development and generated significant changes in the communities for 45 years.

Although some may say it’s just another school, the lives it has improved over time are proof a loving and intelligent effort.

ENA is not just a school; it is a product of its community’s growth. The school has generated quality results, having gone through many changes and situations, all while maintaining its mystique over time. The school is not forged by force, but with perseverance and the support of people faithful to the founder’s vision.

Visitors have been able to perceive a genuine interest in learning demonstrated by children and young men and women. This still constitutes the main driving force to continue with this project.

Thank you, Novella family! For continuing to trust in this and other projects managed through the Carlos F. Novella Foundation; allowing on persons legacy to continue, as well as his vision as it impacts a nation over time.

A big Thank You to all students who have left their mark inside and outside the classroom and whose stories have inspired other people. To each one of the directors and teachers who paved the way to benefit young adults.

Thank you to each collaborator, because each and every one has inspired many students just by wearing the uniform. May the project continue through time to see a nation of change, development, and improvement.

And you, who has inspired you to continue to place your trust in this project?

Contribution by Verónica Analí Enríquez’s

“Enrique Novella Alvarado’s” private school teacher

and Vision

ENA School offers an educational model to form ethical and supportive leaders, committed to the development of their environment with the vision of teaching for progress.

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