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Traveling along Sanarate’s new street: San Miguel

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In the community of Sanarate, department of El Progreso, children, families, and workers travel along the new San Miguel Street. The now paved street has been inaugurated and runs 504 meters long. The street stretches from first to the fourth street, of zone two’s 1st avenue.

A new street involves much more than just pavement: it also includes repairs for drinking water pipes, drainages, and even road signs. The sidewalks were also refurbished with decorative cobblestone and prefabricated curbs. The sidewalks were though for cars, bicycles and those who walk there every day.

In total 3,668 square meters were paved, with an investment of Q2,703,500. The donations were made to the municipality of Sanarate’s development efforts by voluntary contributions. For those who know the area, the project goes from Almacenes Japón to the Volunteer Fire Fighters Station.

Sanarate’s mayor has a three-phase plan (San Miguel Street was the second) to recover this municipality’s downtown area. This is why Progreso has helped this project become a reality, changing the municipality’s lifestyle. The change benefited its urban center, although not limited to this area.

More construction work in Sanarate

This is not the first time that we see Sanarate dressed up. A couple of years ago a water project in Aldea El Sinaca was initiated as well as the public lighting project in the urban area which illuminated its community and roads.

We also highlight the construction of an educational center named Engineer Plinio Alberto Herrera Chacón, which benefits 575 students and has 6 classrooms, a multipurpose room and two sets of bathrooms.

El Sinaca

Another street recovered in Sanarate belongs to Aldea El Sinaca, which is now paved, providing easy accessibility to people and vehicles.

Aldea El Sinaca is also home to the El Sinaca School, with 230 elementary and Pre-K students which is sponsored by Progreso.

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