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Understanding Female Leadership and its impact in business

Women play a fundamental role in building solid and reliable businesses. Ana Miriam Obregón is irrefutable proof of this.

As part of the Women Exporters Summit held in Quetzaltenango, Ana Miriam Obregón, Lime and Pre-dosed Products Business Manager, spoke to the audience about women’s impact on efficient businesses.

The first idea she presented the audience with, was the importance of having more women in corporate leadership. «If you have a group of people leading a company who come from a similar background and culture, as well as belonging to the same gender you’re missing something in the marketplace. You need diversity to see a broader world, which could reflect the problems and opportunities our clients face.»

In a business generally led by men, Ana Miriam has managed to stand out. She demonstrates leadership, and generates a balance between her professional and personal life, as well as her social role as a woman.

Between wanting and achieving

One of the most important elements to promote leadership among women, is generating trustworthy and safe spaces for children. Ana Miriam explains that worldwide, most working women become doubtful when it comes to leading processes and teams.

«According to the KMPG Women’s Leadership Study, 56 percent of surveyed women mentioned that, as women, they are more cautious about taking steps into leadership roles. The same document also concludes that 59 percent of the women who were part of the study find it difficult to see themselves as leaders.»

Therefore, it’s essential for companies to manage their leadership vision focused on trust, as well as positive models all while counting on support from professional networks.

The Code of Values, Ethics, and Conduct (COVEC) constitutes Progreso’s main reference point to further this purpose. Strategies, projects, and campaigns are aligned to values, ethical behavior, genuine leadership, and solidarity.

Ana Miriam concluded her participation by stating that in order to allow for more women to access leadership roles, traits such as confidence, and supportive networks and opportunities must be encouraged from childhood and throughout their lives.

Women Exporters Summit: Boosting female leadership

The activity, organized by the Guatemalan Exporters Association (Agexport), opened opportunities for women interested in starting their own business. It also offered advice on local development, leadership, and the importance of project financing options.

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