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Uses and advantages of precast slabs

Usos y ventajas de las losas prefabricadas
Slabs are structural elements of a relatively small thickness, which are used to generally cover a floor or ceiling area. Today we will learn about the uses and advantages of these prefabricated structures.

Recently, the Digital Academy of «Construction Professionals» presented Engineer Plinio Estuardo Herrera to learn about the interesting topic of precast slabs of Vigueta and Bovedilla.

According to the expert, slabs in general can be classified by design (foundation, traditional, precast and zero slab) or by use (sloping, flat and combined ceilings).

The precast slab systems of Vigueta and Bovedilla are governed by the Guatemalan standard COGUANOR NTG 41084, which indicates that the system is a set of joists equally spaced, supported in one direction, and whose purpose is to resist and transmit loads. to the vertical elements and transfer the lateral loads to the earthquake resistant system.

One of the advantages of using them, according to the expert, is that, as they are prefabricated elements, made in a manufacturing plant with strict quality controls, the concrete thicknesses that are placed on site are lower, the amount of total steel required is reduced. , the assembly times of the element are optimized and the use of forms is practically eliminated when casting the slab.

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Quality controls

One of the most relevant aspects in the use of these elements in construction is that their manufacture is specified by national quality standards. «It is important to point out that all manufacturers with Progreso DNA make these elements under established Guatemalan regulations,» he said.

These companies, which are dedicated to the development and distributing prefabricated elements, are in charge of manufacturing each piece that uses this construction method in their production plants.

Joists and Vaults

Joists are concrete elements previously manufactured in a production plant. With a shape very similar to small beams, which are repeatedly placed at relatively short distances, in the direction of the short side of the room to be built. There are various types of joists and lengths that depend on the precast company that produces them.

While the vault is the element that will act as the filling of the slab. There are various types and shapes, but the most common nationwide is a type of vault with an appearance similar to a block (but with diferent dimensions). They are placed supported between the joists.

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Advantages of precast slabs

  • Shorter installation time in assembly and formwork.
  • Savings in volume of concrete.
  • Savings in the use of wood and false work.
  • Quick execution that reduces the cost of labor.
  • Waste reduction.

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