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We are looking for the best talent at UFM’s «Job opportunities meet top students»

Job opportunities meet top students 38 estudiantes del cuadro de honor, participaron en la actividad organizada por la UFM y patrocinada por empresas guatemaltecas
A favorite employer offers fantastic work culture and an environment that attracts and retains its employees. This was, in part, what we presented the best students from the School of Economic Sciences at Universidad Francisco Marroquín -UFM-.

The quest for the best talent requires occupying important strategic spaces. That is why Cementos Progreso, as part of the «Business Day» organized by UFM’s School of Economics, participated in the «Job opportunities Meet Top Students» activity. Thirty-six (36) outstanding students of this academic unit heard of opportunities and benefits to belonging to our great family.

The event began with a training workshop on best practices for effective interviewing, led by professor and human resources expert, Stephane Tetreau.

Afterwards, the companies shared more information about their values, history, business areas, brands, culture, and opportunities.

One of our sustainability pillars is to be an employer of choice, therefore, we always strive to be an exceptional place to work. Our work policy is based on equal opportunity and meritocracy.

In addition, we were able to share the meaning of our transcendent purpose: «Building together the country where we want to live,” with future professionals. This purpose enables us to aspire towards regional leadership in the cement and construction materials industry, while creating and distributing value to all our stakeholders.

Employer of choice

The exchange between students and recruiters took place through a series of interviews. The objective was to learn first-hand about the skills and impressions of future professionals, as well as answering questions and having a closer recruiter-professional interaction.

We will continue to participate in this type of events, to approach talented students from different universities across the country.

Building opportunities for all

The «Job Opportunities Meet Top Students» offers a space where companies can meet with talented students in a private setting, interview and offer them job opportunities.

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