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We delivered floor #100 in San Juan Sacatepéquez

The floor in a home is a worldwide key indicator, of well-being. Having a floor increases the opportunity of having healthy, safe, and sustainable lives.

Progreso has been working to dignify families in San Juan Sacatepéquez, since 2021. The program «Pisos S3″ has given 133 families the opportunity to have a concrete floor in their home.

Angel Oliva, Progreso’s Social Management Manager, says the program prioritizes families that have young children. Having an S3 floor will have a greater impact, as well as provide all the health benefits for the family.

The initiative’s objective is to provide healthy housing to vulnerable families, improving their health and quality of life, leading to greater opportunities.

Realities that inspire us

Silvia is a program beneficiary. In her testimony, she states how this program is important to her and her community because it provides healthy, safe and sustainable floors in their homes. «Before, my house used to get so wet that my baby got very sick. She would get a lot of diarrheas and a lot of coughing. She would get sick every 10 to 15 days. She would also get her hands very dirty. When she ate that way, she would get sick. Now, with the cement floor, she does not get sick anymore and we are all healthier.

A few meters away from Silvia, another program beneficiary, María Natalia improved her quality of life for her and her six children. «My children always had dirty and stained clothes; their toys got dirty quickly. They used to cough a lot, maybe because of the dust, and now with the new floor they do not. We liked it a lot because now my children play on the new floor. We enjoy it very much because now my children play there a lot, and my family is happy».

María Natalia is a weaver, thanks to the floor she has improved her production process because the floor provides her greater comfort. «Now I no longer get sick, and I can do my weaving faster and more comfortably.»

In total, 100 local families have benefited from this program in central part of the Guatemala Department.

S3 for San Juan Sacatepéquez

This project led by Cementos Progreso seeks to create Healthy, Safe and Sustainable -S3- homes, guaranteeing families better quality of life. In a first phase, the project delivered 33 floors to an equal number of families in 2021. Floor #100 was recently delivered, once again fulfilling our transcendent purpose of «Building Together the Country Where We Want to Live».

*Testimonials thanks to FICEM’s magazine, 9th Edition, 2022.

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