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We invested in smiles and infrastructure at «El Sinca» school

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Playing is one of the most important activities for children. In addition to having fun, they learn about solidarity and empathy. At "El Sinaca" school, they can play safely now, thanks to support from the community, authorities, and Cementos Progreso.

Esther Calderón, elementary school principal at «El Sinaca» school, never imagined everything that could be accomplished with the combined support from the community, municipal government, and Cementos Progreso’s San Miguel plant. They all came together on behalf of the school’s 230 students.

«It began with a well-defined workplan, which included several stages. Delivering the computer lab started the process, then classroom construction, and afterwards drinkingwater tanks were installed supplying the elementary school and kindergarten areas. Plan implementation moved forward, concluding in 2021 when the mulit-sports area was covered with the roof «.

After many efforts and negotiations, the school became an educational reference for the entire eastern part of Guatemala, instead of an insignificant building.

The latest improvements to the educational center consist of a roof over the multi-sports area, and a stage built for a wide variety of activities.

We must not forget that solid school infrastructure, which includes renovated spaces, makes it possible for children and adolescents to have access to education even though they live in remote areas. It also improves student attendance, as well as motivates teachers and students to learn.

For this reason, investing in school infrastructure plays a fundamental role in allowing students to access the school system, while improving attendance and academic performance.

For Cementos Progreso, education is a priority axis for transforming society. It’s an economic and social development pillar, where people strengthen their abilities and skills to be able to manager their own progress.

Partnerships for education

The project was built by two companies belonging to local entrepreneurs. The companies are experienced in construction and assembling metal structure, which allows the project to benefit fellow community members as well as benefiting from local progress.

Committed to education

Cementos Progreso is constantly engaging in partnerships with different sectors of civil society and local governments, to guarantee community wellbeing and specifically improving education.

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