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We joined the «Sembrando Huella 2023» ( «Sowing Footprint 2023») effort

AgroProgreso recently joined the “Sembrando Huella 2023” initiative, which seeks to plant 4.5 million trees nationwide.

The initiative led by the National Forest Institute -INAB-, also aims to maintain 14,100 hectares of planting area, which is equivalent to more than 12.5 million trees.

According to INAB authorities, this program educates and raises awareness about the importance of forests, trees, and their benefits among Guatemalan families.

AgroProgreso will donate 100,000 trees of different species to INAB. The trees will be planted in chosen areas for reforestation.

Educational centers throughout the country, local governments, community associations, and volunteers in general, will be the main participants in reforestation efforts according to government authority planning.

Unwavering commitments

Forest care and protection are part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Specifically, SDG 15: Life of terrestrial ecosystems seeks to protect, restore and promote their sustainable use.

A process we are passionate about

Forests are crucial to life as we know it. Their role is vital for the world’s biological diversity and for the plant and animal species that live in them.

Since its foundation in 1899, Progreso has been committed to reforestation and environmental care as part of its social responsibility. Being an environmental leader is a component of the company as well as its business unit’s sustainability pillars.

That is why Agroprogreso’s mission is to promote agroforestry development in Guatemala. It will use technology and efficient communication processes with communities to benefit them by providing sustainable solutions.

Facts and figures

To date, more than 27 million trees have been planted throughout Guatemala.

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