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Art and construction are intertwined

podcast construyendo by progreso labs El arte y la construcción van entrelazados con Garzaro progreso latam
In this new episode of the Construyendo by Progreso Labs Podcast, Jhon and Diego meet with Esteban Garzaro, an emerging Guatemalan artist to discuss art and its different facets. Esteban tells us about the origin of his career and about the opportunities that exist for art and construction in the country.

Being the grandson of one of the most recognized muralists in Guatemalan art is not enough for Esteban Garzaro, an emerging artist who, since childhood, played in the studio of his grandfather, Roberto González Goyri, creator of the murals at the Bank of Guatemala and others located nearby in the civic center.

Art goes very hand in hand with architecture and civil engineering. Concrete is once again taking special attention for the creation of work of art in large cities, says Garzaro. “In art everything is cyclical. Concrete today is once again taking a leading role in the construction of urban art and in many cities we can see it”.

One of the main trends in art in Guatemala has to do with the use of construction materials. «There are many new materials, the sheets that for their resistance and quality are used for the installation of sets, 3d printers, just to mention a few, are a true niche of opportunity for Guatemalan artists» he highlighted.

The goal of art is to transcend

Art has multiple purposes and one of them is to transcend time. Esteban knows that his grandfather’s legacy is undeniable and that he has achieved that purpose. «The civic center of the city is a symbol of art and architecture in the country and emerging artists have the opportunity to be inspired by these spaces.»

Whether it is their paintings, sculptures or objects, emerging artists experiment with unconventional materials seeking a point of contact with the viewer through metaphors, shapes and “brush strokes” that offer an impression of lightness that is difficult to imagine for a work made of concrete.

In many of these works, a handful of cement turns into oil and this is just one of many possibilities, Garzaro points out.

In addition, «The art in construction has played a fundamental role, since through customs and opportunities, a whole style has been built, thus contributing in a unique way to the heritage, greatness, beauty and integrity of Guatemalans», points out. In short, art, construction and architecture in Guatemala go hand in hand.

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