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Do you know what calorimetry in cement production is all about?

calorimetria en la produccion del cemento progreso guatemala
Cement is one of the most important and interesting technological advances in construction. When mixed with water, it undergoes a series of chemical reactions where it begins acquiring bonding properties that will eventually turn into its hardness and strength.

During the process, plenty heat is released. The study of heat is called Calorimetry and it allows us to evaluate cement mixture quality, for example resistance in the cement’s mixtures final state.

The Cement Hydration Process begins when it is mixed with water. Thousands of microscopic crystals immediately generate, giving cement its binding quality. As this happens, the chemical reaction begins to release abundant heat. Calorimetry, is fundamental to determine and identify concrete quality aspects such as: mixture workability, necessary setting time, compressive strength and balance of its materials.

Different mixtures are tested and graphically compared to evaluate their behavior. These tests can also be run on other materials such as additives, clays, fuels and clinker. Mathematical models can be created to predict product behavior, and to establish correlations between calorimetry, setting times and compressive strengths.

Cementos Progreso has more than one hundred years of cement production experience, building together the country where we all want to live.

Cement has many uses besides construction, it is also used for art projects which you can learn more about here

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