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Jaime Viñals, a story of mountain tops, islands, volcanoes and progress

Jaime Viñals Progreso Latam Guatemala
Jaime Viñals is the first person in the world to complete the World Trilogy circuit (7+7+7), which consists of climbing seven unique summits in each of the seven continents.

Nothing makes a country prouder than when one of its children achieves something amazing, something unimaginable. From now on, a part of Guatemala will be found in each of the seven highest summits, in the seven continents, thanks to Jaime Viñals. He is an exemplary athlete who though each step has shown us dreams can be achieved through perseverance and humility.

At Cementos Progreso, we are proud to be part of Jaime Viñals’ new career achievement, as we belong to the group of companies that sponsored this expedition, because we never doubted that it would mean one more achievement for Guatemala.

«On behalf of Cementos Progreso, we are happy to support Jaime. We celebrate this great achievement; he is now the first person in the world to attain the World Trilogy (7+7+7). We are committed to our country’s athletes, culture, and art because it allows us to demonstrate our past, but above all our future, to the world,» said Juan Carlos Suchite, Progreso’s Public Relations Manager.

«First of all, I’d like to thank Cementos Progreso for all the support I’ve received over the years, especially its CEO, and I’d like to do so publicly. It has been incredibly meaningful to be able to complete the seven summits, seven islands, and seven volcanoes, the World Trilogy challenge; I feel very proud to have achieved it. It hasn’t been easy, rather it has been quite demanding and full of sacrifices,» said Jaime Viñals in an event where he was appointed Tourism Ambassador.


Congratulations Jaime Viñals!

Cementos Progreso, committed to sports

Following our business principles and values, we believe in supporting projects that demonstrates how Guatemalans are warriors, that we have clear goals and a defined plan to achieve them.

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