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Jaime Viñals: «We should not think about how much is there is left to go, but how much progress we have made»

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Achieving a goal involves not complaining, but looking for solutions. With this logical and forceful phrase, Jaime Viñals assures that the trait that comes from solving problems is vital to be a happy person.

The Guatemalan mountaineer knows about adversity and challenges. After achieving the World Trilogy (7+7+7), he spoke with the Progreso team, and from his particular perspective, he talked about how to prepare to meet an objective.

«We live in an ever-changing world and you have to be prepared for everything. Patience is essential to be able to resolve situations,» he says.

Before reaching his last objective in Antarctica, Viñals had to reorganize his expedition due to incidents between Ukraine and Russia.

This is why the national athlete especially emphasizes the importance of mental preparation to reach a summit, a goal. «Mental preparation is what prepares me not to think about how much is missing, but how much we have advanced, it helps me not focus on worrying about things that have not happened yet».

The challenges of a mountaineer are very diverse, and fear is natural, but the priority becomes facing it in the best way possible. «One learns that preparing to overcome these kinds of fears and to see them as mosquitos because they are in front of me, they bother me visually but they don’t affect me in a literal way».

Don’t Overthink Things

Knowing that he is the only mountaineer to have achieved the World Trilogy Challenge, which consists of a series of summits during three round-the-world trips, does not keep Jaime awake at night, and he assures that he does not think about it.

«In the same way I did it, it could have been anyone else; I had the opportunity to do it thanks to some curious circumstances. I don’t do this to get recognition but it’s nice to be a source of inspiration for people.»

The challenge is to understand and accept that a goal can be achieved with perseverance and a lot of discipline. Jaime is proud of this expedition because the 10 members of the team managed to reach the Sidley Volcano summit, the highest in Antarctica.

As a team, we achieve more

Since 2021, Progreso has been a sponsor of this Guatemalan Mountaineer to have Guatemala’s name placed on the world’s highest peaks.

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