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Mixto Listo proposes improvements on the management of concrete waste

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This research carried out within the framework of the diploma course "Integral Training of Concrete Plant Managers", raised answers to significantly improve the management of concrete residues that can be applied in Mixto Listo plants.

These initiatives seek to solve everyday problems with determination and an appropriate methodology. As a company responsible with our environment we seek to solve and have an efficient concrete waste (gravel) management, since it´s a priority to guarantee adequate compliance with the law and the highest industry standards.

These residues are leftover concrete that the client doesn´t use and its returned to the plant. In addition to them, there is also a sediment formed in the washing processes and that becomes rubble or a reduction in production, materials that accumulate in the plants  


and cause pollution and space problems.

The project, then, seeks to avoid and reduce from its origins the sources of generation of rubble identified in the investigation «Handling concrete waste (gravel) in Mixto Ready plants», and make proposals in accordance with national and international regulations on handling of this type of waste.

Currently, the project is still in its analysis and research phase so it can be executed as soon as possible at the Mixto Listo plants.

Marco Mendoza, operations supervisor of region two and member of the team designing the proposal, indicated that the search for the sustainability of the company and improvement of the environment are aspects that were taken into account for the proposal´s design.

“What we are looking for here is to avoid and reduce from its origins the sources of generation of rubble identified in the research, we will achieve this by means of an in-depth understanding of how and why this waste is being generated and how we can avoid its generation. This is where the solution alternatives proposed by the team’s work team come into play ”, he highlighted.

Concrete Minds

The team that prepared the proposal was called «Concrete Minds» and was made up of professionals Juan Carlos Álvarez (Head of the Coatepeque plant); Carlos de León (Region 3 Operations Supervisor); Sergio López (Head of the Salcaja Plant); Ismar Pérez (Region 1 Operations Supervisor) and Marco Mendoza (Region 2 Operations Supervisor).

The team worked from virtual platforms, designing and planning a proposal to improve the management of this waste from its source. From the beginning of the process, the team dedicated itself to understanding how and why this waste is being generated and how it can be avoided.

The alternatives

The current situation of the problem was identified through an in-depth diagnosis where viable solutions were identified. From there three ideas for alternatives were developed, those combined would contribute to minimize the amount of rubble in plants, thus benefiting the environment and maximizing savings for Mixto Listo.

· Design of a policy of Mixto Listo concrete surpluses.

· Sustained increase in the use of recycled water in various concrete formulations.

· Mixto Listo concrete blocks and cylinders donation policy.

As an environmentally responsible company, Misto Listo has prioritized its current actions to maintain standards in all its operations to ensure proper compliance with the law and the highest industry standards.

Continuous improvements:

Currently in Mixto Listo, all the wastewater treatment plants are getting improved, and the implementation of this project will significantly improve compliance with the regulations.

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