Carlos F. Novella Foundation and AGRECA united by «Mejores Familias»

Funda y Agreca Fundacion Carlos F Novella Guatemala

Agreca’s technical team has been in training since october 2020 and will conclude in july 2022; a formative process that includes training in 16 thematic axes, mnitory training, follow-up and home visits accompaniment, anthropometry, nutritious cooking, informative assemblies, etc.

We celebrate the Bicentenary of Guatemala by honoring the flag

celebramos bandera bicentenario guatemala horcalsa progreso mixto listo latam

Since last August 30, the installation of a giant flag of Guatemala, handpainted on over 12 thousand cement blocks, using eco-friendly paints made with Horcalsa lime, began in zone 6 of the city, to celebrate the Bicentennial of independence from our beloved nation.

Progreso reaffirms its commitment to ethics and values

compromiso con la etica y los valores progreso guatemala revista summa

Ethics and values ​​are intangible assets fundamental to the reputation of companies. In Progreso as a fundamental pillar, the Code of Values, Ethics and Behavior -COVEC-, supports good practices and organizational culture at all levels.