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Progreso reaffirms its commitment to ethics and values

compromiso con la etica y los valores progreso guatemala revista summa
Ethics and values ​​are intangible assets fundamental to the reputation of companies. In Progreso as a fundamental pillar, the Code of Values, Ethics and Behavior -COVEC-, supports good practices and organizational culture at all levels.

Recently, the regional publication Summa highlighted Progreso as the most ethical company in Guatemala and the fifth one at a regional level (Central America and the Dominican Republic), thereby reaffirming the commitment and responsibility towards being a responsible and trustworthy organization.

The health crisis the world is facing has tested the commitment companies have had with their environments, at the same time, this crisis has served to evaluate and measure behavior and business practices, the articulation and commitment executives and collaborators have with the code of ethic alongside the central strategy they developed to face the pandemic.

Current circumstances require different and human leaderships. All around the world, the virtues most appreciated by companies and their leaders respond to this referred evolution of responsibility and ethics, the protagonists being compassion, empathy, honesty and humility. The hierarchical leadership was left behind.

progreso encabeza lista de empresas eticas Guatemala

Covec: A non-negotiable code

In every action, Progreso implements the Code of Values, Ethics and Behavior –COVEC-, as a fundamental pillar of our transparency commitment and good company practices. Summa magazine conducted an online survey with over two thousand entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and CEOs in the region, to measure the level of trust, transparency and ethics from regional companies.

Thanks to COVEC and good practices of all those who make up the Progreso family, the company was recognized for its ethics and commitment to good practices at all levels and fields of action.

In addition, the CEO of Progreso José Raúl González, was recognized within the top «Executives with the Best Professional Ethics in the Region», a relevant fact in the constant consolidation the company has towards values, humanity and commitment Social.

In the publication, Summa highlights that “Although no productive sector is exempt from criticism, engaging in an honest dialogue with stakeholders is a lever to strengthen leadership and positive influence, which requires a true open-mindedness to listen and willingness to amend, redirect or adjust the strategies that warrant it, as well as to make resignations ”.

The most ethical companies in Guatemala

According to Summa magazine, the top in Guatemala is headed by Progreso.

  1. Progreso
  2. Corporación Multiinversiones
  3. Alta QIL + 4 Abogados
  4. Grupo Salinas
  5. Cervecería Centroamericana
  6. Bimbo
  7. McDonalds
  8. Avon
  9. Banco Agromercantil
  10. Corporación G&T Continental

Regional top 5

  1. Banco General
  2. Copa
  3. Dos Pinos
  4. Fifco
  5. Progreso
revista summa destaca compromiso de progreso en el campo etico valores Guatemala

For Progreso, consolidating ethical, fair and transparent processes is just one of the aspects experienced daily in the construction of the country where we all want to live.

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