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We celebrate the Bicentenary of Guatemala by honoring the flag

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Since last August 30, the installation of a giant flag of Guatemala, handpainted on over 12 thousand cement blocks, using eco-friendly paints made with Horcalsa lime, began in zone 6 of the city, to celebrate the Bicentennial of independence from our beloved nation.

For thousands of years, limestone was one of the materials that gave impetus and glory to the Mayan civilization par excellence. The great pyramids and cities were built with this material, which our ancestors knew very well for its properties for design and construction.

Another important element for the construction of these imposing cities was lime, used to glue limestone and used to make paintings that, at the time, filled the Mayan civilization with color.

How did they do it?

To achieve this, they installed 12,240 blocks in the parking lot of the Cementos Progreso stadium to create a flag 45 meters long by 30 wide and was painted by master craftsmen from Santiago Sacatepéquez, who are dedicated to making the wonderful giant kites that take over the skies every first of November.

The flag represents for every guatemalan, a symbol of optimism and unique belonging in the world. The shield of the flag was made with over two thousand plants and flowers from women producers in San Juan Sacatepéquez and San Miguel dueñas as a link to the «Country of Eternal Spring.»

The sweet notes of the young pianist Yahaira Tubac were in charge of performing the national anthem, thereby representing the importance and transcendence of Guatemalan girls.

With these actions, Horcalsa shows that by working in alliances with other institutions and communities, the country where we all want to live can be built every day.

Tuk Tuk solar exhibits advances in the country

In the presentation of the largest flag in Guatemala, the Tuk Tuk Solar 2021 was also presented, a project promoted by the G-22 Environmental Association and the Biciudad Movement to promote the use of renewable energies, analyze the current transportation model and, at the same time, generate a project of national unity.

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