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Podcast: Covid, a year later

podcast covid un año despues ceo progreso latam cementos
This is a new podcast called ADN Progreso and it will be a space where topics from news, culture and Progreso values will be addressed. It also seeks to be closer to all collaborators. This first edition was attended by José Raúl González, CEO of Progreso, who analyzes the key moments of the pandemic that humanity is facing today.

For millions of people around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant a diametrical change in life as they knew it. On this occasion, José Raúl González, CEO of Progreso, makes an in-depth analysis of how the way of doing business has changed by living the value of solidarity.

One of González’s main concerns is the mental health not only of the company’s employees, but of society in general, and it is on this that the efforts of companies and governments should be concentrated. “We know that people’s mental health is a fundamental issue for society. In Progreso we were not prepared for such a significant change but also, the trust and efficiency of the teams, we managed in record time to design a strategy that would allow us to safeguard people’s health and create mechanisms to maintain effective communication of the teams and be looking out for them ”.

Another aspect that it raises is the value of solidarity, an element that was experienced in each of the spaces where Progreso intervened at the level to understand the crisis and be a strategic ally in the fight against the health crisis.

“One of the great lessons we have learned by living the value of solidarity is that the teams are committed to the result. This led us to live the value of well-being in another dimension and to be able to support not only the communities and the authorities, but all the people and families that directly or indirectly depend on our productive actions. Not stopping for a single day and understanding the importance of the company’s sustainability led us to improve our processes and, most importantly, to generate empathy and resilience in all aspects ”.

Believe and grow

Progreso has been characterized as an ethical and responsible company. From the board of directors, partners, directors to operational positions, the Code of Values, Ethics and Conduct (COVEC) describes the practices that are constantly lived in Progreso.

And it is that according to González, only ethically responsible companies manage to establish ties with the community and their clients, making them see them as a fundamental part of their daily lives.

“The obligation of companies to understand a digitized and globalized world has highlighted the need for a new and different leadership, innovative and passionate. Before the pandemic, I had a very positive vision of remote work without imagining that some time later we would have to migrate more than half of our collaborators to this new way of working ”.

Resilience, empathy, solidarity, have led the group not only to have satisfactory results in 2020, but also to strengthen one of the most important principles of all those who are part of Progreso. «The most important thing is the people.»

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