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The Benefits of Using Lime in Shrimp Farming

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The use of lime in shrimp farming is of great help to the country’s shrimp industry, increasing shrimp growth and survival. Lime is a surprising component because it has multiple uses.

Horcalsa Lime has the NSF international certification that supports its safe use for water treatment for human consumption.

Lime use in shrimp farming has played an important role in the shrimp industry growth in regions such as ours. It’s necessary to implement good practices that guarantee sustainability, efficient operations, and reduce environmental impact.

Aquaculture ponds may have pH problems (acidity), low alkalinity, low hardness, or even foster disease spreading within the culture. In these cases, applying lime contributes to a better response in the pond’s natural productivity, facility disinfection and avoids the spread of infectious diseases.

Lime or calcium hydroxide is a formidable ally, which is why manufacturers must guarantee the Codex Alimentarus parameters. This includes chemical reactivity factors and processes that guarantee the safety and prevention of contaminants such as heavy metals. We invite you to learn more about lime applications such as painting colorful murals or its use in the cattle industry.

Lime is used in multiple industries with different applications ranging from household use, construction, metallurgy, and shrimp farming, among others.

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